Using Dixit to practice English for A1 to B2 levels

Dixit is a popular game and useful for:

- practicing more spontaneity and creativity with the language.

- engaging visual learners with beautiful and interesting picture cards.

- adapting into many different games for describing things and practicing vocabulary.

ONe of the advantages of this game is that it can easily be adapted for all levels - from beginners to advanced.

Today I want to adapt the game for a beginners/ pre-intermediate group and make it into a lesson.

Lesson Plan:

1. Warm up - active listening activity.

Give the students a word. They have a set amount of time to find all the cards in the Dixit pack that they can associate with that particular word. You can use this both to input and revise vocabulary.

You can also use this to practice particular lexical sets such as the weather, verbs, adjectives.

Here is an example of a random word list I am taking to warm up with a pre-intermediate group:

- Winter

- love

- lost

- forest

- inside

- hungry

- stairs

- falling

- light

- cold

- sharp

- morning

2. Pool together lists of vocabulary. Give them a limited amount of time to write down as many nouns as they can. Then repeat the exercise with verbs/ adjectives. The you can go through the lists together and make sure they all understand the meaning of the words they have collected. They can then use these lists as reference points if they get stuck for ideas during the playing of the game.

3. To practice prepositions.

Students work in either pairs or small groups. Give one students a card to describe and the others a piece of paper and a pencil. One student describes what they see on the card and the others must draw their own version of what they understand. And then compare their finished drawings to the original card.

4. Play the game!

Now you have warmed up your students they will be super ready to play Dixit!

5. Inputting and modelling new language as it comes:

You can play the game and discover new language as you go. I write phrases down on the board as they come up and then we it as a reference and incorporate/ practice using the new language as we go.

'Whose turn is it?'

'It's my turn'

'You're cheating!'

'That makes sense'

'That's illogical.'

'Move the rabbit three places'

'I guessed right'

'It's not fair!'

Click here for instructions on how to play Dixit.

You may have a friend you can borrow the game off, or visit your local game boarding club or cafe. This way if you haven't already got the game you can trial it before purchasing it.

Have you got any ideas for using Dixit to teach English?

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With love from Alice x