Why teaching a language is like growing a plant

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We know that plants thrive in particular climates. What are the conditions which best support students learning a second language?

Successful language acquisition is all about creating a good learning climate for students to thrive in. In this week's blog, we look at -

Four components for a

thriving learning environment

According to the research of Prof. Kelley M. Skeff, Dr and Educational expert, these four components create a supportive learning environment:

1. Respect/ comfort: Students feel supported and safe enough to engage and attempt new language without being judged negatively.

Students are more open to learning when they are feeling safe and comfortable

2. Admission of limitations: Expectations are realistic and do not put the student under an uncomfortable amount of stress-inducing pressure.

These stickers helped the student identify with the letters on the keyboard in a less stressful way

3. Learner involvement: students are listened to and engaged with in the space. They are creative participants in their own education.

Giving students the chance to draw a story is a great way to connect and share in the classroom

4. Stimulation: students are provided with constructive activities and given the freedom to explore an engaging environment.

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